Thursday, July 26, 2007

If I had a quarter...

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...for every time Mr. Kluges or I thought about the house, wondered when we'd get the call, jumped when the phone rang, called our agent, discussed the house, discussed our chances of getting it, built elaborate stories about what might be holding up the process or why somebody would be moving slowly, figured out the time difference to Australia, posted about it, read your supportive comments, drove by it to see if there was a sold sign, or looked at it online... well... I think it'd be paid for already.

Still no news. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. *shrug* Who knows.

But I think we'll be racking up quite a few imaginary quarters.

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Pusher said...

This is so hard! I just want them to call you already, and tell you that you have the house. I'm trying to be realistic, but it's very difficult in the face of how much I want you to get it! And I'm way on the outside here. I'd be driving myself absolutely batty if I were in your shoes.