Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Drowning in a sea of dork

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When it rains, it pours... Another guest post by Mr. Kluges (but not about the house this time).

On Friday I had the oil changed in the Blazer, which gave me some time to pop into the local gaming/hobby shop (called Chimera). It was impressive. Almost as large an inventory as The Source back in the Twin Cities. Cork had a gaming shop too, and a much better one than I ever would have believed for a city the size of Cork. We would go in sometimes, especially if I was feeling homesick.

When I walked into Chimera, there was the usual mix of gaming teens and young 20 somethings (goths, geeks, some too skinny, some too fat, all of them too pale), and surprisingly, a larger number of females than when I was of that age. I had come from work, so I was dressed in my good digs. They didn't give me a second look. I'm sure they thought I was there to buy something for my son, nephew or little brother.

I hadn't walked in more than ten feet when I heard one of them loudly say "Boycott shampoo! We want real poo!"

For all of it's dorkiness, it's good to be home.


Allknowingjen said...

This made me laugh;
"and surprisingly, a larger number of females than when I was of that age."
Dude is always saying that about the Source too...

DiploWhat said...

Ah, gone are the days when I could walk into a gaming store, get strange looks, and then shock the fellow geeks by actually knowing what I was talking about.

Pusher said...

Aw! Geeks 4-evah!