Friday, July 27, 2007

That Pumpkin, she's an odd girl

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Here are some things Pumpkin's been doing recently...

Referring to herself in the third person
Yup, I've been hearing things like, "She would like some rice crispies with strawberries for breakfast," or "She's a yiddo upset!" or "She doesn't need a new diaper." Maybe she was royalty in a previous life???

Sleeping in her playhouse
For the past, oh, month or more, Pumpkin has been sleeping in her playhouse instead of in her bed. And not just at naptime, but at bedtime, too. Why? Why not. She's got a thick blanket padding the floor and a couple of pillows. Mommy likes it because since it's darker in there than in the rest of her room, so she sleeps in a little later!

Asking unusual questions
I know kids go through a "why" phase. Accompanied, of course, by its steadfast companion, "what." Here are a few of Pumpkin's questions...
  • Why does we has noses, Momma?
  • Why is she called [Penguin]?
  • Why doesn't cows has hands?
  • What color is that worm? What color is its udder?

There - a non-house entry that also lets me clean out a couple of draft posts!


Happy Veggie said...

Wasn't every toddler royalty in a previous life?

I want to know more about worm udders.

ewe are here said...

Worm udders? So how did you explain that one! ;-)