Sunday, September 16, 2007

And the prize goes to...

(c) 2007 Ms. Huis Herself at

...Happy Veggie! She guessed it right on with 30 doors!*

(Also, just so you don't have to go back and look, she did have the highest guess.)

In case you really want to know, that'd be:
(Let's see if I can get this right...)
  1. Master bedroom
  2. ... and closet
  3. Penguin's room
  4. ... and closet
  5. Pumpkin's room
  6. ... and closet
  7. Guest room
  8. ... and closet
  9. Sewing roomlette
  10. Bathroom
  11. Door to walk-up attic
  12. Door to balcony over back porch
  13. Linen closet
  14. Cedar closet
  15. Between maid stairs and kitchen
  16. Kitchen to dining room
  17. Kitchen to back hallway
  18. Back hallway to basement
  19. Back hallway to outside
  20. Back hallway to back porch
  21. Dining room to living room by entryway (French doors)
  22. Living room to entryway
  23. Living room to kitchen by closets/office
  24. Front door to entryway
  25. Closet under stairs
  26. Closet under maid stairs
  27. Closet in living room
  28. Office
  29. ...and closet
  30. Living room to sun room (French doors)
Those 30 are the ones she cleaned. Our house also has 6 additional doors.
  • Maid room in attic (not code, not officially a room)
  • ...and closet
  • Basement toilet's tiny room
  • Sun room to outside
  • Root cellar
  • Basement storage room
[Edited to add...
  • basement stairs to laundry room
  • laundry room to workroom
  • laundry room to hallway/defunct shower room (no, that's not a mistake... in typing anyway)
  • laundry room to boiler room
...because we forgot a bunch in the basement.]

Hmmm... after helping me count those all up, Mr. Kluges said maybe he'd have to use for his house blog... Maybe I'll go see if it's taken...

*Not that there is a prize, other than the satisfaction of guessing right. And if there were actually a prize, it'd probably have to go to Gramma Yori anyway for being the one to clean all those doors.


Allknowingjen said...

I was so close! And yet so far! ;) I didn't realize the sewing roomlette had a door.

Happy Veggie said...

Its the closets that will get you. Every time.

Pusher said...

That's really a lot of doors. And they're all so big and heavy. Pumpkin and Penguin will be able to have quite the dramatic fits of pique in their teenage years if you're still there.