Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Apologies (and a bit of whining)

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Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. It has been busy around here.!

We had tree removal guys out at the brick house all day Monday and Tuesday. They took out 7 trees that were too close to the house plus spent at least half the day on Tuesday taking out a couple of huge branches from the 200+ year old oak in the backyard that had been right reaching up to the roof in back. It looks a little more open and spacious on our property now, but still plenty private and sheltered. Much better and safer.

Then last night I had to do laundry. Yup, one of the things I'm going to enjoy the most about finally being in our new place is when we get a new washer and dryer. Not that going to the laundromat is so bad in and of itself. It's just that it's a huge production to sort all of the tons of (spit-up-coated, filthy from house cleaning, sometimes "accident" dirty) laundry, bag it all up, haul it over, wash, dry, fold and put it away. It takes the whole evening and then some, so I've only been going once a week or maybe a little more often. So that's 7-9 loads of laundry I'm doing in one fell swoop, instead of just throwing in a load or so a day and getting it done gradually whenever.

And it's no picnic for Mr. Kluges either because it's impossible to do the laundry while keeping any sort of an eye of either child. Well, that's not strictly true, because Pumpkin does love to come along while I throw the many loads of pre-sorted laundry into the (I hope enough are available) washers at the laundromat and help me add the quarters. It doesn't take long, then we head back home because the laundromat is so close we could walk over if it weren't for the Blazer-load of clothing we have to haul. (Actually, we have walked over before to do a load or two in the middle of the day, but that's only accomplished by hauling Pumpkin and the laundry in the double stroller & Penguin in the baby carrier. It's not something to do often). Penguin would be fine if she'd be content to sit in her carseat inside the laundromat and watch the action, but that only lasts so long before she wants to be held. It's impossible to load and unload washers and dryers encumbered by an infant. So that means when I return to the laundromat after the half-hour of washing is done, to switch things over to the dryers, that he gets to manage Pumpkin's bath and bedtime routine on his own, while juggling an "Eat at Mom's" only infant.


Wow. I guess I had some built-up whining to do there, huh?

*grin* Well, once the electricians have done their stuff, we'll be getting a washer and dryer right away.

Then today we had Pumpkin's "Teacher & Me" class, which went very well, then a trip across the street to the library before we came home for a few hours of lunch and naptime before we go pick up Mr. Kluges from his work, go back out to our new brick house, replant the hostas I dug up before the tree guys came so they don't die, then hurry back here for a little supper before my belly dance class.


And tomorrow has the heat guy coming out to fix the boiler in the morning at the brick house... then Pumpkin's swimming class in the evening.

But Friday? Friday is finally appointment free, and I am SO looking forward to a slower day!

Gotta run- going to try to fix the soup I've got planned for supper while the girls are still asleep, then we'll be hustling over to get Mr. Kluges. You might not get another post for a few days until things slow down a bit!


kittenpie said...

You know what? It IS a big production and it sucks. Even without kids in the mix, I hated that in NYC, and was SO glad to get back to civilization where we had laundry again.

Allknowingjen said...

SEVEN?!? Whoa! That is a lot of trees & trimming.
ah I don't miss the laundromat days- though there is something to be said for doing multiple loads at once, it's just getting it all there and home again that is a pain. Here's hoping you get to use that laundry chute soon. :)

Happy Veggie said...

We did a laundry run a couple of weeks ago to help clean up the basement. I don't miss it. I do miss bring the laundry bag to the laundry in NY and pick it up already done. That was fun. I miss anything that involves other people doing my house work for me.

Pusher said...

You had seven trees too close to the house? Wow.

I hope you have a relatively relaxing Friday!