Friday, September 07, 2007

Shopping Review: Kitties and chips and potties

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Yeah, this is not a shopping blog, but I had to let y'all know about some of my favorite things that I've purchased lately.

Boo Boo Buddies I picked up the kitty one (and it sure wasn't as much as these! It was only a few bucks!) as an impulse buy at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and it is super! Nice and small for sticking on a little girl's owies. Although it's been most successful as a distraction from the actual hurt. Either way, the tears stop. (Apparently, it also comes in sports ball styles, too, for non-animal lovers.)

Flat Earth Chips Yes, these really are "impossibly good." I pink-puffy-heart the cheddar ones in particular, and the garlic & herb ones are a close second. The tomato ones are good, but not quite as good as the other two. I've finally gotten around to trying the fruit ones, and they're ok, but I don't expect chips to be sweet. (Also, the record for a bag of these lasting in my house is two days.)

Potette Dumb name, sure, but I was looking for some kind of small and easy portable potty chair for Pumpkin. We're talking not only something to take along in the car for sudden potty emergencies, but also small enough to take in the stroller to the local park which doesn't have toilet facilities. This fits the bill. I found it at a Baby Depot, but after I got it home and opened it up, I feared it would be too short for Pumpkin. The fact that it sits only scant inches off the ground doesn't bother her at all. In fact, on our potty party day, she even got to use it on the way to the DQ! (Yeah, she had to go when we were stopped at an ATM with the stroller to get cash... so somewhere out there she's probably immortalized on a security cam. We were as discreet as possible though, especially since we were also rather near a road. But hey - no accident!) It comes with special liners that basically look like plastic bags with handles with a maxipad on the inside. Once we were through the ones that came with it originally, I just use plastic bags with a folded-open diaper or pull-up inside. This is small enough it could even fit in a good-sized diaper bag. Also, it works well in the back of our Blazer - it's short enough that she can sit on it without bumping her head on the ceiling, which gives her more privacy than if she had to sit on it out in a parking lot. (And yes, she has used it in the back of the Blazer in a parking lot - she didn't give a lot of advance warning in the first while after the potty party!)

And in things I've purchased and don't like - Target-brand diapers & pull-ups. Target's got a good reputation for decent stuff for cheap, so I figured I'd try out their diapers and pull-ups and save a few bucks. Totally not worth it! The diapers were the same size I get for Penguin in Huggies and/or Pampers, but they wouldn't stay up. She had plumber's butt all the time, which is not good in terms of messy diapers! And as for the pull-ups, well, they were even worse. The very first time Pumpkin wore one at nap time, it leaked. Never happened with the brand name ones I got. They just don't seem as absorbent or leak-proof. I ended up not even using up the bag before going out and buying better ones. I figure I'll just use them up as Potette liners.

Any recommendations or should-avoids from you all to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments.


Happy Veggie said...

If you use pampers, Luvs, which is made by the same company (P & G) just changed their stuff so that they are stretchier around the waist and thus stay up better. More expensive than target, less expensive than the premium brands.

Allknowingjen said...

That's funny- we've always used the Target diapers and love them, no problems at all. (Though we did start using the Huggies Overnites a few months back) I can't stand the smell that is in all the other diapers.

Pusher said...

I'm not generally a big chip eater, but I'll definitely look for the Flat Earth cheddar and/or garlic & herb next time I'm shopping!

Happy Veggie said...

Yeah, I totally hate the smell part, but I got seriously sick of constantly having to get breast poop stains out of things. I regluarly wish for non smelly stretchy sided diapers. The 7th generation ones are OK, but not as good as the super stretch sides.

Syl said...

We get the Sam's brand diapers and, although occasionally droopy if too full, usually do pretty well.

And the Kolcraft cheap-y stroller we brought on vacation drove like a champ and is now my fave. My $90 stroller basically fell apart and will need to get thrown out.

DiploWhat said...

By the time we acquire a kid, your kids will all have outgrown this stuff and maybe I can get it from you on the cheap. Or, at least I now know some good resources to ask!!

ewe are here said...

I just saw one of those portable potties you can pack with you this past week ... I am so getting one!

The only 'store brand' diapers we've found that are good are the Boots nappies... I do recall that W@lm@rt/Asd@'s sucked.