Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Check-Up Update, or We Could Have Named Her "Zippy"

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Penguin had her 4 month well-baby check yesterday, complete with 4 shots and an oral vaccine. Today she's already clingy, fussy, and making many messy diapers. Probably good that the girls and I aren't going to our new house today.

As for her stats, she's height-weight proportional, but her head, well...
  • Weight: 15 lbs. 7 oz. = 85%
  • Height: 25 1/4 in. = 84%
  • Head Circumference: 40.3 cm = 30%
Bit of a pinhead there!

And in belated update news, for Pumpkin's checkup, three was the magic number. She was 30 pounds, 3 feet tall, and 3 years old! Makes it easy to remember!

Ok, must run - fussy, post-shot baby!

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Happy Veggie said...

Sprout is a pinhead too. 97th % for height and weight and 25th for her head. Love those tall slender girls.