Thursday, September 27, 2007

Open Letters

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To My Youngest Daughter

Dear Penguin,

3:00 am is only technically morning.

Also, neither the small teething cow toy nor the pink turtlebug is hard of hearing. Therefore, you do not need to talk to them (joyfully though it may be) so loudly in your crib.

Thank you,
Your Tired Mommy

To Our Recent Rodent Resident

Dear Mickey,

Ha ha! Mr. Kluges got you the first day!

Now don't come back and haunt us please, even though it's not long until Halloween.

Rightful Renters

To The Elder of My Two Brothers

Dear Uncle Drew,

You know that Lamaze peacock you got for Penguin? She loves him. He is the best for chewing on. And to help Pumpkin with the middle of the alphabet song, and because I think I'm clever, we've renamed him El Emeno. That's right, he's now El Emeno Peacock.

Your Big Sis


kittenpie said...

El Emeno Peacock is fantastic.
And oh god, 3:00 am is unholy. What am I thinking of, trying to start this all up again?

ewe are here said...

Ugh, 3am? So wrong. So very wrong.

Syl said...

El Emeno Peacock is hilarious!

And it's wrong, but I sorta thinks it's hilarious that she's just happily chatting away in the middle of the night.

DiploWhat said...

When I was little I thought El Em-en-o was it's own letter. I was very confused when I actually saw the alphabet. Hmmm--- language learning difficulties even then!