Sunday, December 31, 2006

E stands for . . . errrrr.....

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My good friend All Knowing Jen did the alphabet meme on her blog. Thanks to her and the letter M, I now know about the made-it-through-the-first-year birthday drink. Yay! I also got to find out what Aunt Templeton likes about R, Pusher's favorite Ls, what Syl thinks C is for and the Ts Ang thinks are terrific.

Since I wanted to play, too, I asked her for a letter.

All-Knowing Jen gave me E.

Now I'm a girl who likes a challenge, but I have the feeling this is going to take a while & that I'm definitely going to have to remember to change the date/time of this post from when I save it as a draft 'cuz there's no way I'm coming up with 10 E things I like in one sitting. Now if she'd have given me the vowel O, maybe. I mean, there's olives (YUM!), and ogliotropic (which is one of the things I love about Lake Superior and a term I learned while visiting an aquarium up there on my honeymoon), and oil (as in massage, olive, as a tool for deepfrying, scented...), but no.

It's E.

So here goes... 10 things I like that start with the letter E.
  1. Easter eggs - I love dyeing Easter eggs! They're a special holiday memory for me as well as just being fun. You see, my dad's family is much more numerous than my mom's side and we lived very near a lot of them. That mean many holidays were spent with the Huises. But Easter was different. For Easter we did the big 4 hour trek up to the Cities and stayed with my other grandma (who might get her own entry... hmmm....). And we dyed Easter eggs. And got jelly beans and chocolate bunnies and hid the eggs (several times 'cuz it was so fun) around her house. (However, here in Ireland, eggs are brown. Which makes it much harder to dye them. I even wrote about it last Easter... and included pictures!) Anyway, Easter eggs rock.
  2. Eyes - Some women like butts; others like big muscles; I like eyes. I love that sexy, intense, you're-the-only-one-in-my-universe look that Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and the younger version of Harrison Ford can do so well. Oh, melt!
  3. Experiences - Doing new things is a big thrill for me. If you read my entry about 34 things I've done in my 34 years, you'll see that I like doing new things. Also, I just gotta mention the Girls' Adventure Weekends as experiences I've loved!
  4. Emma Bull - This MN author wrote War for the Oaks, which was my favorite book for ages and still has a special place in my heart. It's very much a book of a certain place and time, but I love her descriptions, especially when it's of a place I've been. This book and a stuffed animal were the two anti-homesick items I brought along for my 3 months in New Zealand back in 1995.
  5. Europe - Ok, I can use this as a blanket E to cover the 5+ months in 2002 when Mr. Kluges and I cut loose and backpacked, mostly in Ireland, but also visiting Paris, Germany, Belgium, Italy (yay for Venice, Rome & Pompeii), Prague, and London. Also our visit to France and Germany this past summer, not to mention that we're currently living in the continent.
  6. Ella Fitzgerald - I can occasionally be found belting out "Something's Gotta Give" or "They Can't Take That Away From Me" in the privacy of my car...when I'm all by myself... and nobody else can hear me.
  7. Embryo - Mr. Kluges came up with this one when I told him what letter I was assigned. Yup, I gotta say I am excited about being pregnant and adding a second child to our family. (Not about the not drinking or various discomforts or the pain and agony of labor, but the rest of it and ending up with a baby, you know.)
  8. Ernie - and the rest of Jim Henson's muppets. Sesame Street, the Muppet Show - they're such fond childhood memories! (Thanks, Jaysan for this idea... you'll notice I didn't use the other one!)
  9. Eating - Yup, I'm a big fan. I love popcorn, corn on the cob, chocolate, mushrooms, black olives, steak, good hamburgers, thick french fries, ice cream, and oh, so many other yummy things!
  10. Extra - as in extra helping of chocolate cheesecake, extra cash, extra long hot bath, extra pair of clean socks when yours get wet, extra chocolate-y hot chocolate (like from O'Conaill Chocolate in Cork City), extra piece of pepperoni and mushroom pizza, extra long backrub, extra cob of fresh sweet corn, etc. etc. etc.!
And there you go - 10 things I like that start with E! I did it! Let one of us know if you want a letter for yourself!

P.S. Happy New Year! It's only a little more than an hour 'til we hit 2007, but a bit longer for most of the rest of you. Anyway, best wishes for '07!


Jaysan said...

Yup, I suggested erection. I'm bad.

Allknowingjen said...

Well done! I knew if anyone could do it, it would be you Mrs H! I agree with 4 & 6 and I think #10 was inspired- very creative! :)

Pusher said...

Now I want to go home and reread War for the Oaks. You pretty much summed up exactly how I feel about it. Neat answers all around!