Thursday, December 14, 2006

Photo Essay on 3M Removable Hooks

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Mr. Kluges's parents are coming to visit us for Christmas. Hooray! We're excited to have them, and I know Pumpkin is going to especially love having Gramma Yori and Grampa Jem here. Since they're my "source" at 3M, I requested some more removable hooks. Gramma Yori wanted to know if I was eating them, she'd gotten me so many on various visits. Well, I told her they were a godsend to renters who are nice and don't put in a bunch of nails... and that I'd do a photo essay for her on where in the heck I'm using all the hooks.

So here it is.

They're used in the entryway to hang up Pumpkin's coats where she can reach them.
(And also for umbrellas and the mesh bag o' gloves-n-stuff.)
(Oh yeah, there are also two more in the entryway, kind of hidden behind our coats, that hold my purses.)

One keeps her robe on the back of her door, also at toddler height.

They hang up my broom, mop, and dustpan in the laundry room so that they don't fall over and block the door so I can't get in.
('Cuz that's what they used to do pre-hooks.)

They hold things-to-be-ironed on the back of the laundry room door so that they don't get more wrinkly and so that I don't forget about them.

They string up two laundry lines above my washer and laundry room sink so I can hang up delicates and little things like Pumpkin's socks that get stuck in the lint trap otherwise.

They're now on the back of the guest room doors to hold towels since we have a scarcity of towel bars in the bathrooms.
(As in, the main bathroom with shower and tub, had a grand total of ONE towel holder when we moved in... and that was one of those little round hand towel ones. We found some at the Dunnes Store that have suction cups on the back. They work fine, and only fall down maybe once every couple of months. Oh well.)

Also in that main bathroom, one holds our clock up on the all-tile wall.

This one holds one end of a string (the other end attaches to the curtain rod) that holds a mobile above Pumpkin's changing spot.
(More necessary for distraction when she was younger, but still pretty.)

This is one of two stuck to the top of Pumpkin's window... opening? (recess? un-sill?) upside down with a string running between them. Several suncatchers, mostly just plain crystals, hang down and make the most lovely rainbows when it's actually sunny here. Pumpkin LOVES rainbows.

And they can be used to hold up Christmas stockings!

So there you go, Gramma Yori! See how useful they are!!! :)

And P.S. to 3M... feel free to mail me a check for my advertising on your behalf, 'k?


Syl Wylvia said...

I too love the 3M hooks, even though I own the place. They work great to hang the calendar on the fridge after the magnets have come unglued, hang the diaper bag in the front closet when such hanging space will not be needed forever, hang pumpkin lights for Halloween that will come down the next day. Yay for 3M hooks!

Ang said...

Dang. I had no idea how cool and handy they are. Here's to hoping I need to get some cause my house has sold and I'm renting a friend's place...

Kashka said...

They're also great in houses like mine that are what I like to call "stud-challenged". Rather go through trying to find a solid area to drill or nail into, which usually just leads to me throwing things around, I can just hang the hook and when it falls off, at least it doesn't take anything structural with it.

Mary P. said...

Wow. I'm thinking I may need to invest in some of those. We own our home, but it has old plaster in many places, which will often crumble and make BIG holes when you puncture it with nail or screw. I wonder if, bolstered by its many layer of paint, the plaster could support some of those hooks, or would the hook just pull off a chunk o'plaster?

Worth a try, at any rate! And, man, you're creative with those things...