Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just a quick note

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Sorry for the lack of postings lately. We had a busy weekend with a date on Friday (yay for babysitters), all day house cleaning session on Saturday, and an afternoon and dinner at a friends' place on Sunday. Then yesterday Pumpkin and I had our usual Monday morning at The Planet indoor playyard, followed by errands. So, very busy, and things will probably be quite quiet here for the next week or so since my in-laws are arriving tomorrow morning. Yay!

(Of course, I expect many folks will be busy with Christmas festivities and I won't be the only one with a paucity of postings, but at least now you know.)

But, just to tide you over, and since I haven't posted any for a little bit, here are some photos of Pumpkin.

I LOVE finger painting!

My hair is long enough that Mommy can do all kinds of funny things with it while I eat my breakfast.

I like my green dress and holly tights!
(And you can see how far they've gotten on the new house on the hill!)

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Pusher said...

Have fun with the in-laws!

(I like the hairdo. It looks like a comma.)