Friday, January 05, 2007

Big Girl Bed Update

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---Warning - there is poop mentioned in this entry.---

So we moved Pumpkin to her big girl bed earlier this week. She's now slept in it for 3 nights and two or three naps. Wonderful!!! The first couple times we asked her if she wanted to sleep in her crib or in her big girl bed and she chose the big girl bed every time. (Well, the very first time she picked the big girl bed, but as soon as we left and closed the door she cried out, "I want my crib!" so we put her back in her old room that night.)

There's just one problem...

Of those 5 or 6 sleeps in the bed... she's had a huge poop in her diaper during 4 of them.

Yup, more than half the time.

The latest was naptime today, which I discovered after she woke up, but the other three were nighttime, and the stench gave it away when we went to tuck her in before we went to bed.

And by stench I'm talking toxic, bog-of-eternal-stench type of odor. Like, "we don't happen to have any gas masks, do we honey" sort of smell. The kind of thing where you look at each other and sigh at the things you have to do when you're a parent.

Like, the smell almost had enough presence that it could have tiptoed its way down the stairs, tapped us on the shoulder and said, "Hey, like, you might want to change her."

And of course we don't want to wake her up, so we end up tag team changing her in her big girl bed, Mr. Kluges holding the little plastic bag open as well as a flashlight/nightlight
(one of her favorite Xmas presents & very useful! I love it!) so I can see to take care of the mess and not get anything on the bedding. This is, of course, while we're trying to hold our breath and not speak any louder than a whisper and take care of this as quickly and smoothly as possible. And so far Pumpkin has only gotten partly awake and has been willing to let us change her and has snuggled back down and fallen asleep again immediately, but still...


Let me tell you, I'm loving that she's feeling so... relaxed... in her big girl bed, but I can do without the nighttime deposits.

This post was a public service announcement for fellow parents & parents to be. We apologize for any grossing out that may have occurred, especially for nonparents. Thank you. :)


Javen said...

So, this poop business...

Is it optional with current offspring models?

I don't know if it's a feature that I really care to have on mine.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Um, no, not so optional... but you were one of the folks I was thinking of when I wrote this entry.

But newborn poops? Much smaller and less stinky.

Syl Wylvia said...

Ah yes, enjoy the newborn poops.

And naked time is a thing of the past in this house, as Kitten pooped on the carpet 2 nights ago. Anytime is diaper time now.