Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Books - What to Expect When You're Expecting

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Some things I like about pregnancy:
  • getting to eat more snacks
  • having my tummy stick out is no longer a figure flaw
  • people telling me I "look well!"
  • telling Mr. Kluges I need to put my feet up for 10 minutes
  • getting a new baby to add to our family eventually

Some things I don't like about pregnancy:
  • no wine
  • no beer
  • HEARTBURN (I know, count my blessings, it was my biggest (and really only) complaint during Pumpkin's pregnancy, but I've had it the past two evenings & I'm only 22 weeks along, so it's probably just going to get worse.)
  • laugh/sneeze-induced incontinence
  • being even more clumsy and forgetful than usual
  • labor
Oh, and here's one of the books that's currently on my nightstand. :)


Allknowingjen said...

You know? I hate this book. (and rarely do I ever hate any book!) I much preferred "Your Pregnancy week by week"- This one is just laid out weird and it has kind of an alarmist/preachy tone to me. (but then again, I was a hormonal pregnant lady when I read it, so who knows)

I am so sorry that you have the heartburn. That was my biggest (and really only) complaint too. Thank goodness it went away the minute Attila was born! Ice cream is supposed to help. ;)

Ms. Huis Herself said...

I have the pregnancy week by week one, too, and like it better as well. A month's worth of stuff is too much to read at once - I like it broken down by weeks, especially about the baby's size and all.

(But this one was downstairs when I was taking pix and the other one wasn't! *grin*)

Mary P. said...

I read like a madwoman when I was pregnant with my first - and as you may have gathered, I can read at a ferocious rate. Anything and everything. I was obsessed.

By the third, I was bored of the books (and the preaching of some) and didn't read a single pregnancy-related book the entire nine months!

ewe are here said...

I used this book a lot during my first pregnancy. Not using it so much through this one, though.

Sadly, I'm not thrilled about the tummy sticking out this time around. But, then again, I'm 10 weeks ahead of you.