Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One smart cookie!

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Today Pumpkin did two very cool things.

She drew herself as a rough circle with a scribble underneath for legs, and then when I asked her about her eyes, nose and mouth, she drew them in as two circles (ok, roughly circles), a vertical line for her nose and a horizontal line for her mouth. That's like, an actual smiley face! First time she's done that much representation in her drawing! Usually she'll narrate as she goes... "Here's me, here's my hair, here's my leg, here's my belly button..." but it's all indecipherable scribbles. This though - this was a face!

(I took a picture & will try to get it on the computer and posted sometime soon.)

She also successfully sang the entire ABCs on her own while having her prebedtime snack! She's been able to get a lot of it for a while, but this was the first time she made it all the way through.

Yay for Pumpkin!

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kittenpie said...

Cool. Ours did the first sort of face-looking drawing last week before the snow hit, outside with sidewalk chalk, where I couldn't preserve it from the rain that fell the same night. Bugger. It was a rough circle with two dots for eyes, a sharp line for a mouth full of shark-y teeth (yes, it was a shark) and another line at the other end for a tail. I was awestruck!