Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

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So it's the new year. 2007. I've never been much for making New Year's Resolutions, because it seems too easy to do big, sweeping, non-realizable statements that sound good, but are hard to implement. But after doing monthly goals for about half the year, I found them to be good motivation, so I think I'll try for a few yearlies. However, these will be GOALS, not resolutions. That means I'm allowed to goof up some days and try again the next.

This year, I'd like to...
  • Get Pumpkin to start sleeping in a big bed. We got a Winnie the Pooh comforter and some other stuff to turn the guest room with two twin beds into 'her room' for Xmas and actually did most of what we need to do this weekend to get it ready for her. In fact, we're attempting to get her to nap in it right now. She's more interested in chatting, telling us she's hungry even though she just ate, and doing anything possible to avoid dozing off. However, she does like her big girl bed and comforter, so it's a start. This goal is actually a have-to, since Baby-on-the-way will be needing the crib come mid-May or so. [Update... Mr. Kluges did manage to sing her to sleep, so yay for her first nap in her big girl room!]
  • Get Pumpkin potty trained. It'd be nice to get this accomplished pre-new-baby, too, but we'll see if she's ready for it. Obviously, we're not going to try to do these two things at once, but Mr. Kluges and I are both WAY ready to be done with diapers, at least for a little while. I'm sure I'll be blogging about our progress (and frustrations) on this one once we start.
  • Eat healthily. I know this is one of those sweeping generalizations, but I'm not planning on this being the 'goal.' Rather, I'm going to use this resolution to help focus my monthly goals and choose smaller, more specific, measurable steps that will help me eat more healthily overall. (You know, like a fruit/veg/juice with breakfast, or only one treat/day, or whatever.)
  • Exercise. Once again, a big broad statement, but for January, the little goal is going to be to get at least 15 minutes of exercise/activity every day. That might be walking down to the grocery store and back, or doing some exercises from What to Expect, or throwing in a belly dance CD. (Did I mention my belly dance instructor moved back to Miami? Yeah, so I've got to either find a new one or just skip it until after May and then look. With Pumpkin, I had weekly classes into the 7th month, and would have kept it up longer, except that we hit summer break.)
So there you go. Both some broad resolutions and my more measurable January goal of 15 minutes of activity/exercise every day. Best of luck to everyone else who's also trying to change, improve, start, or stop some habits!

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