Sunday, January 07, 2007

Books - Waffles

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So when I decided to do this meme, I took a bunch of photos that evening so I could put them up whenever and not have to hassle with the digital camera or finding the book online.

I took a photo of this cookbook, not because we use it all the time or because we have Waffle Wednesday every week or because Mr. Kluges once made me breakfast in bed with it or anything like that ('cuz none of those are true anyway), but because it amuses me.

You see, for some reason, we shipped it all the way to Ireland when we didn't ship our waffle iron (power differences, you know), and haven't purchased a waffle iron yet after living here for more than a year and a half.

It's got some nice recipes, and more variety than you'd expect for an all-waffle cookbook, but I think we probably could have left it back in storage.


Mary P. said...

Funny! Though the book itself is attractive, unless you're going to frame it, there's not much point in having it with you, is there?

But if that's the only organizational quirk that happened ina year-and-a-half, trans-Atlantic move, I don't think you've done too badly!

sisterruthtn said...

and it sure did tickle Ruth that you still had it and liked it even if not useful right now