Monday, January 22, 2007

Henceforth, you may address me as...

copyright 2007 by Ms. Huis Herself
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Tee hee! I got this from Kittenpie at her blog. It's a good Monday cheer-er-up-er!

Henceforth, you may address me as...

Her Eminence the Very Viscountess Ms. Huis the Complex of Brompton Underfoot.

So there.

Get your own peculiar aristocratic title! And then tell us what it is 'cuz it's fun.


Allknowingjen said...

Honourable Lady Allknowingjen the Bewildered of Lower Wombleshire

So fitting! I saw this somewhere else too- but I had forgotten about it- Very funny!

Ang said...

Lady Ang the Bewildered of Bow under Bumpstead

I'm apparently not at all honourable as the Lady AKJ is. Hee :-) But just as bewildered. Under Bumpstead no less. Naughty ;-)

Jaysan said...

Imperial Majesty Jaysan the Haunted of Bampton Underhoop

Yup, quite befitting.

Kashka said...

Her Most Serene Highness Lady Kashka the Villainous of Hardy St Thomas

Serene. High. Villainous. Yep, that covers it.

Anonymous said...

and if you don't like the first one, just keep trying till you get one you like

The Dude said...

Lord The Dude the Facile of Old Throcking in the Hole... hmmm... somehow that makes me feel dirty. :)

Pusher said...

Milady the Right Reverend Pusher the Incontrovertible of New Scagglethorpe

Dude, I agree. Yours sounds a little naughty.

Mine sounds like I should be an intimidating old bird with several chins and the silhouette of a Sherman tank. I approve. :-)