Friday, October 13, 2006

Big Girl Underwear

Got big girl underwear for Pumpkin in Cork yesterday. Big excitement! She helped choose which multipack to get. Pink and aqua with lots of bows and lace and hearts and stuff. Very girly.

We've had a potty seat to put on a big toilet for quite some time & now Gramma Pat got us a little potty chair, so we've been talking about it all more recently. (But not pushing it 'cuz we've had too many visitors recently & more coming on Tuesday, so I want to wait until we can have a more regular schedule.) The other day, Pumpkin was big into sitting on her new potty from Gramma Pat, and even went twice, but not since then. Pumpkin knows that Mommy and Daddy (and other big people) use the potty, and that even some of her friends do. She'll tell you that when she uses the potty, then she'll wear big girl underwear. She's quite keen on the underwear, more so than the pottying.

Mr. Kluges had a work thing last evening/night, so he didn't get to see her new dainties, but when he asked her about them this morning, there was IMMEDIATE insistence to wear them. So we put them on and she ran around in a shirt, long socks, and her itty-bitty big girl underwear.

And less than an hour later, the couch got baptized.

*sigh* And I'm sure it won't be the last time.

P.S. And no, it wasn't. Not the couch this time at least, but we're now on the third pair of cute big girl underwear. *sigh* And I had, not 30 seconds before, had her sitting on her potty chair. Oh well, Rome was not built in a day either.


MaryP said...

Heh. How about if you use the Big Girl Underwear as motivation? Something like, when you do three pees in the potty (and nowhere else) you can wear your underwear. (Prior to that, she can go naked under her shirt, or wear a diaper.)

I've also told a child who's wet the panties twice, "Oh, I'm so sorry. That means you have to wear the diaper until lunch (or dinner, or tomorrow - whatever you decide). Then we'll try again."

Or you can tell her she only gets two clean pairs in a day, and when they're all gone, it's back to diapers.

All of these motivate her to keep spills in the potty, and reduce the number (of spills and panties!) you'll be cleaning up in a day!

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Ah, excellent advice from a lady who has been there and done that! I like the chance to try, but a limited chance with a specified retry after a while.

Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate them.

Syl said...

Hey, thanks! I'm digging the advice, as we will be at this fork in the road in just a few short months.