Tuesday, October 31, 2006

More Halloween pix - Trick or Treat edition!

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Ok, I got our Halloween pictures taken, downloaded onto the computer, and emailed out to the grandparents, but I thought you all might enjoy them, too. Plus, I think Pumpkin is ADORABLE as a cowgirl! She gets extra cool points because her skirt and vest are authentic family vintage - they were my mom's when she was little.

Howdy, pardners! Trick or treat!
(Thanks, TNGreatAunt for the treat bag!)

Pumpkin in her pumpkin shirt from earlier in the day.

And I'll have you know I accomplished this without a pattern!
(Just please ignore the fact that the cat's tail is kind of sliced through and doesn't quite line up anymore.)

Mr. Kluges's side of the pumpkin
Definitely the scariest pumpkin face we saw tonight!

Me and my cowgirl

Happy Halloween, y'all!


Allknowingjen said...

Love the cowgirl outfit- so cute! And I am so glad the Mummy shirt fit her. :)
And WOW your pumpkin carving skills are WAY better than mine!

Pusher said...

Very impressive pumpkin! Of course, what else should we expect from someone who makes a decorative spider out of olives to go atop the bean dip?

And Pumpkin in that outfit — especially with that hat! — really is adorable. Sounds like you had a great Halloween!

Mary P. said...

So, they do Hallowe'en in Ireland?

I thought the cat's tail was just puffed out. Because when a cat's in that position, they puff their tail right up. So there: not a mistake, merely authenticity. Terrific pumpkin, BTW.

Me, I was so disorganized that I forgot the pumpkin, thus ensuring that even though I had my porch light on, we got only 20 trick-or-treaters instead of the usual hundred or so.

I put three bags of chocolates into the freezer to keep them away from myself...