Friday, October 27, 2006

Question #7 - What are YOU going to be for Halloween?

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Those of you who know me from real life, know that I LOVE Halloween. While Christmas and Thanksgiving are great friends and family holidays, Halloween is a just-for-fun holiday, with no need to write Xmas cards, or think of thoughtful presents, or fit in visits to all the various segments of family. It's just about dressing up, the candy, and pretending to be scared. Love it.

Here in the land of leprechauns they celebrate Halloween, but it's not quite the same as in the US. Grown-ups don't really dress up. Ok, if you were a young thing going out on the town, you could get away with a funny or sexy costume, but anybody over, say, mid 20s? Ummm, no. You'd be weird.

Which makes me miss our annual costumes-required-or-you-can-borrow-one-of-mine Halloween parties, in large part 'cuz I loved seeing the funny, interesting, creative costumes folks came up with. I mean, one year Pusher and Kashka_z staged a skit (with props!) in the hallway of our apartment building to explain their costumes. Mr. Kluges (who can't stand uncomfortable costumes), once wore black jeans, a black t-shirt with a Guinness logo, and a "bottlecap" hat made from a yellow plastic plate. The most abstract costume I can think is NoNickTodd coming as a lower case letter i. Hilarious, if a little hard to guess. But the creativity and humor were great every year.

So, here's Question #7 - What are YOU going to be for Halloween? Or, (like if you want to keep it a secret until the day), what's a costume you've done of which you're especially proud? Feel free to add your comment in after the day as well... and if you want to email me a photo to either see for myself or to put up here, do so! I'd love it!!


kittenpie said...

Oh, I haven't worried about it yet, I'll jsut drag sthg out of the costume box...

Pumpkinpie is going as a builder. Overalls, hard hat, tool belt with tools. Easy, warm, free. Hella good.

Syl said...

Meimei and Kitten have ladybug costumes (both rather warm, considering). I will probably just throw on some bunny ears to answer the door.

My favorite Halloween joke? My boss was a kitty and I was a bunny at work. She told me kitties eat bunnies. I replied, "Bunnies eat millionaires."

Allknowingjen said...

Not really going as anything, since I have nowhere to be. But I think this idea is genius! (sorry for the long link)

Jaysan said...

I particularly enjoyed my moon man costume from one of your infamous parties.
One of these days, if Axel doesn't do Robster Craw, I am going to.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Do you mean the time you wore a kilt "the traditional way?" Yeah, Mr. MOON man, I think, we ALL remember that one. ;)

Jaysan said...

hee hee