Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bits and Bobs, or Vegetable Soup Blogging

Here's a few nubbins that have been floating around in my brain for a bit. Nothing large enough to be its own entry, but together... well, it's kind of like making soup out of all the leftover (non-moldy) veg in the crisper drawer. Not gourmet fare, but it's usually tasty enough, nutritious, and gets the leftovers gone! :)

Pumpkin's three favorite phrases lately:
* What you doing?
* ___ went? (insert name of person or item that she's looking for)
* What's that?
You'll note she's now entered the asking-questions phase of toddlerhood. At least we're not at the constant "why?" yet.

Pumpkin's favorite thing to do when my parents were here:
Say "Boo!" to Gramma Pat and giggle while Gramma would be "scared" and pretend to hide.

I get tired of eating home-cooking (especially since it's almost always me doing said cooking, since I'm the one at home during the day), but after eating out so much when my family was here, Mr. Kluges and I have declared a moritorium on french fries for the next while, and are only cooking vegetarian for the rest of the week.

I'm SOOOO glad the washer broke when it did, and our landlady was so quick about getting us a replacement. I can't imagine trying to deal with no washer and/or the laundromat when we had visitors. Also, this new one is faster and larger, so Yay!

Oh yeah, Pumpkin used her new potty chair from Gramma Pat TWO TIMES yesterday to go pee! She did it; she did it; she did it! Hooray!

If you leave your sleeping child in the stroller after getting home from the grocery store, sometimes she'll slumber long enough for you to get a blog entry done.

And with that, I should go and try to get some other quiet things done while she dozes. Slainte!

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