Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October Goal at last

Yeah, in case you didn't happen to know... I'm a bit of a procrastinator. Yup, if you took any classes with me in college, you know I was up the night before finishing the paper or painting the costume design or cutting the stupid construction paper to make a stupid math game. It took Mr. Kluges and I nearly two years to get married after we got engaged. And when we had Pumpkin, we went to the hospital with our list of dozens of potential names in hand (and even then she was Baby Girl OurLastName for more than 24 hours).

So me being a few days late on my October goal - pshaw, that's nothin'.

And actually, it doesn't even matter because I've succeeded admirably at my goal EVERY SINGLE DAY so far this month even without having posted it here for the public accountability that helps me stay on track.

That's because this is my October goal:

I will NOT BUY any Halloween candy until the weekend (or preferably day) before Halloween.

Yup, simple, elegant, and necessary. You see, if it's not in the house, I can't open the bag to just have one little snack-size candy bar... and end up with an empty bag by the next day. And if we end up going to the store on the 30th and they only have crappy candy left, well then, so much less temptation for me with the leftovers! ('Cuz there will always be leftovers, 'cuz how crappy would it be to run out of candy on Halloween for the little trick-or-treaters?!?)

So there you go - my October goal. Hooray! And if you were wondering, I am very glad I took last month to just firm up my previous three monthly goals of fruit/veg/juice at breakfast, 64 oz. of water daily, and exercising with my class plus 4 fifteen minute exercise sessions each week. I think the water and breakfast ones are pretty ingrained by now (and I love just grabbing some dried apricots or pineapple first thing - yummy and easy). Splitting the exercise down to smaller chunks let me a) recognize my grocery store walks with full stroller uphill push as exercise ('cuz dang it, it is!) and b) it's way less intimidating to take on 15 minutes than 30. I'll keep an eye on this one especially as we move through October though, 'cuz it's the easiest one to let slip.

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