Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fly-by Posting

A quick post to let y'all know I'm still alive and kicking. We've been pretty busy with our house guests, but are taking an easy day today. Tomorrow the menfolk are heading up to Cong to do the falconry thing that Mr. Kluges and I did back in '02, which I think they'll enjoy. The rest of us will be enjoying a slower day of shopping and some napping for Pumpkin. She's been a trooper, but the weird schedules and busier days are started to tell in her attitude a bit.

So far, we've visited St. Finbarre's Cathedral and the Old English Market in Cork, climbed Blarney Castle and kissed the Stone, wandered around in Kinsale, poked around Charles Fort, drove out to the Drombeg Stone Circle, and enjoyed a lovely leg of lamb that Mr. Kluges cooked for us. And all that was only on Friday and Saturday!

Ok, going to run and try to catch up reading a few of YOUR blogs before somebody needs something. Hosting is fun, but can be a bit demanding at times. Good thing Gramma Pat has been doing almost ALL of the diaper changes for us! Yay!

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Syl said...

Can Gramma Pat stop by my house on her way home?