Sunday, October 22, 2006




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Please read this at
because that is the REAL site. Thank you!


Mary P. said...

Oh, good strategy. If you change your settings to "short feeds", and start every post for the next little while with this redirection, then all Bitacle readers will see is this.

Those of us who read your REAL site will get to see you in your usual entertaining guise. I like it.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

Thanks. I did switch over to short feeds 'cuz that's what a lot of sites were suggesting. Then, if you use something like Bloglines (which I've found really handy), you'd still know I posted something new, and could come here. Got the idea from Kittenpie's newer posts, but I think she puts her copyright bit at the end.

Anyway, now I suppose I should try to do an entertaining post, to live up to expectations, huh? 'Cuz if you saw I had a new post, and came over all excited since I haven't posted for almost a week, "testing" sure doesn't cut it! *grin*