Monday, October 09, 2006

When Gramma, Grampa, TNGreataunt and Brother Drew Came to Visit

Rather than give you a big, long, wordy post about my family's visit, I'm going to give you a big, long, photo-y post instead. Hope you enjoy it!

<-Of course, we had to bring everybody to Blarney Castle!

Going late in the day means short or no lines... and we also caught this great shadow photo! ->

We went to Kinsale and visited Charles Fort. Above is Dad taking a picture of my brother Drew on the Devil's Bastion, and below is a great shot my bro took of the Drombeg Stone Circle that same day.

The menfolk drove many hours up to Cong one day
and flew hawks and an owl at Ashford Castle.

Grampa and Gramma enjoyed showing Pumpkin around the Bunratty Folk Park with its farm equipment and animals.

Here's Mr. Kluges looking imposing (hee) in one of the big halls at Bunratty Castle.

(This photo is taken from a small hole (seems too small for an arrowslit, but what do I know) in one of the staircases.)

That night we went to a banquet at the castle, but since Pumpkin had skipped her nap, Mr. Kluges and I took turns playing with her outside so that her yelling wasn't ruining everybody else's night inside. She did enjoy dancing to the music when we first got there though.

Doing touristy stuff was fun, but mostly it was about hanging out with family.

Some of my family and me

(P.S. Sorry if you use bloglines or similar and it looks like a published a ton of updates and there's just this. I can't for the life of me get the photos quite where I want them in the "compose" view, so I put them in, publish, edit and move them, publish, edit and move them AGAIN, and repeat until they're where I want them or I give up.)

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