Monday, October 23, 2006

Pumpkin's Pretendings

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Our Pumpkin has been exercising her imagination like crazy lately. Here's a few examples...

She likes to take all the blocks out of a particular clear plastic container, put it on her head, and tell us she's an "astronaut." Then she'll tell us she's "going in... paceship."

She's taken two 12-inch rulers, placed them on the floor, stood on them, and said she's "skiing."

Yesterday, she had Mr. Kluges put his big white bathrobe on her after her bath. When he called me up the stairs so I could giggle at her, too, she shuffled a few steps (the tie was about midshin on her) and announced, "I am... penguin!"

That silly girl! She makes me laugh all the time. (Well, except when I'm trying to get her to nap.) I only wish I'd been fast enough to catch that last one on camera - she wiggled out of the robe about 3 seconds later and wasn't interested in getting it back on to pose.

So there you go... no pix tonight (watched Lost instead - Yay!), but a post anyway. I'll try to get some photos for yesterday's post added in sometime this week. Probably not tomorrow though, 'cuz Tuesdays are usually a CSI double bill - also yay!

(No, not addicted to TV... really...)

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Syl said...

We're not to the imagination phase yet, but it's nice to know it's coming. Concrete play only goes so far in one place with the same toys.