Friday, October 06, 2006

The WORLD wide web is right.

Yesterday I noticed a big jump in my sitemeter numbers. A very atypical leap, in fact. So, being a bit of a curious cat, I went to see more about it all. I don't know what was up, but I had 20 hits in an hour. (That'd be between 3:53 pm and 4:49 pm, in case you really wanted to know.) And they were ODD hits, from a variety of different countries & states. In addition to two unknown location ones, I had visitors from Slovakia, Spain, Canada (might have been real, since I know a couple of Canadians do pop on occasionally), Norway, India, Germany, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates. That's in addition to US ones like DC, Mass., Utah, California, and some others. All of that in a single hour.

Yeah, weird, huh?

And looking at them more closely, it looks like they all came from other blogspot sites. The only thing I can figure is that my site was stuck on as "next blog" or something for a hour.

Anyway, weird. Just thought I'd share.

(Also, Sitemeter can be fun, if a little disconcerting. I mean, I didn't know that you could collect that much data from a visit, and I didn't know I had as many visitors (some accidental, but still) as I sometimes have.)

((Also, also, no, I'm not avoiding putting up my October goal... no, really... umm.... going now.))

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Mary P. said...

Who knows the explanation for the mysteries of the stat counter? A blogger hiccup that favoured you is as good an idea as any.

One of the Canadians was not me. I was up then, but not blogging, only trying to read myself back to sleep.