Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November GoalS - That's right... it's plural!

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Yup, it's November (already!) and time to regoalify. Now I thought (exceedingly briefly) about NaNoWriMo, but decided this was not the year. I also considered NaBloPoMo, but after more thought (and a shameful amount of chocolate consumption today), I realized I needed to choose a different goal.

Remember last month when my rather simplistic goal was to avoid buying our Halloween candy until this weekend or yesterday? Well, I bought it Monday night, opened a bag on Tuesday, and only ate a few. So, Yay for me! Also, good thing I chose that for a goal, 'cuz a bag o' candy would not have a) remained unopened for more than 24 hours in our house, and b) contained any candy after having been open for about 4 days.

Evidence of the preceeding surmises? The rather-too-large amount of chocolate that I have consumed throughout the day. Now, I'm not going to name numbers, but I will say it was more than I should have, less than I wanted, and not enough to fill a cereal bowl. But it was enough to bump NaBloPoMo out of the running for a goal this month, if for no other reason than I could see my willpower running out the back door and across the hilly pastures, sprinkling candy wrappers as she went. Instead we have... duh duh DAAAH...

To eat not more than ONE treat* per day.
*Treat may be a Halloween-size candy bar, cookie, single serve bag of chips, etc.

Obviously today is blown, but hey, tomorrow will be better... and my hips and tummy will thank me later. (Even if my tastebuds are cussing me out.)

Now, I'm really upping the ante here 'cuz I'm going to have a... wait for it... SECOND goal this month! I know - get out of town! Yeah, well, it's because much of the last month I felt like I was just treading water. I was doing and redoing the same endless tasks of laundry, cleaning, diapering, cooking, grocery shopping, etc. etc. etc. and started feeling just bogged down in it. No real feeling of accomplishment... I just kept turning around and seeing that I needed to do AGAIN what I had just finished doing.

That previous paragraph was all to lead into my second goal... You see, I started a mosaic way back in '02 when we visited Ireland the first time. It's a large oval sign with our surname, a border, and hops and barley at the edges. That's all done... but I need to finish the back and then grout it. Then it'll be done! Hooray! (Well, except for actually living in a house we own again so we can put it up... and figuring out how exactly we're going to put it up... but that's not a now problem.) Therefore, my second goal is to finish mosaicking (sp?? real word??) the back of my sign by the end of the month. It's not too hard since the tiles are already cut (mostly by Mr. Kluges, in fact), and I'm not doing anything complicated or fancy on the back, but it is putzy and time-consuming. However, on the plus side, I can do it on the coffee table while watching TV for short stretches before the leaning over kills my back. And when it's finally done - THAT'll be a great feeling of accomplishment.

So there you go... another month, another goal (or two, for ambitious me today). Wish me luck!


Allknowingjen said...

Good luck! But I am sure you will have no problem meeting those goals. :) I loved the image of your willpower running across the hills! Funny, she looks *just* like you...

Kashka said...

I'm sure you'll do great! The one treat per day thing is something I could never even attempt.

The Dude said...

Be sure to post a picture of the mosaic when it's complete!

The Wog said...

Well, the treat limit should be good. I'm now on a crunky low-fat diet due to learning of my (borderline) high cholesterol level. :-(

kittenpie said...

funny, I'm aiming for the same thing! That and more veggies and milk.