Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaBloPoMo #12 - The things they say

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Earlier today, while talking about Christmas, Penguin turned to me and said, "You might only get a toilet from Santa this year!"* Chuckling, I agreed, "Yeah, that might be what I get.""Yeah, and that's such a BIG present, it'll probably be all you get!  And you'll have to stand up to open it, 'cuz it's so big!" 

Also, I'm single-parenting this evening as Mr. Kluges has a quarterly outage at work, so has been there since about 1pm... and won't return until the wee hours of the morning. So we three girls went out to eat for supper at a local Chinese buffet we'd only been to once before.  Apparently, on Friday & Saturday nights, their buffet is Chinese and seafood.  I was chuffed when Pumpkin suggested I take both a frog leg and a crab leg so we could try them at the table.  While Penguin opted to not taste them, Pumpkin tried a bit of both.  The crab meat was pronounced to be tasty & salty, and she had a few more bites.  Then upon eating a bit of frog leg, she announced, "Oh!  That tastes just like chicken!" 

* Our wooden toilet seat lid fell off earlier this week** & repeated tightenings of the screws holding it to the brackets have become ineffectual.  So, our toilet is currently missing the top part of the lid while Mr. Kluges wood-glues in some toothpick bits so the screws can get some purchase again. Her comment was not completely apropos of nothing!

** No, I'm not exactly sure how it fell off, but it sure scared Penguin, who I think was just climbing off at the time. 

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