Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaBloPoMo #13 - Return of the Open Letters

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Dear Squirrels,

You know all those acorns you buried under the limestone path I relaid in the backyard while I was trying to relay it? You better hope I don't get any li'l oak trees starting to poke through or gun training might be in my future!
That was hard work, dang it!
The Homeowner

Dear 4 year old,
Yes, I know you are pretty much too old for naps. Yes, I know you are wonderfully well-behaved at your half-day kindergarten, and impress the visiting YMCA nature guy by (correctly, and on your own) using the term "predators" in a sentence.
But either you have to start sleeping better/longer at night, or taking the occasional nap,or  in general shaping up, or your mother's head is going to explode with your continued purposeful naughtiness in the afternoons!

Fed Up

Dear Readers,
You know, if you wanted to leave a comment on occasion, I wouldn't mind....
Needily yours,

Dear KFC,
For you information, my husband has been forbidden from going to Kahn's Mongolian Barbecue EVER. AGAIN. due to noxious vapors. You've just received strike one on the score card in terms of his return to your food.

Dear November,
You are long.
I mean, L.O.N.G.
It's only day 13?!

Dear Treadmill,
Yes, I know, I'm on my way very, very soon!
Your 5K Pal!


Anonymous said...

I am very much enjoying your posts, had really missed them

ShoNuff said...

Comment... I'm watching:)