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NaBloPoMo #7 - Thoughts Upon Seeing Santas on November 7th.

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I'd just like to go on record as being against Christmas decorations being put up prior to Thanksgiving.  Especially WAY prior, like now.  Any decorations for any end-of-December holidays, in fact. Santas, wreaths, snowflakes?!  Please, no!

I mean, really, doesn't Thanksgiving get a turn to be a holiday?  It's one of the big-six-almost-everybody-gets-a-day-off national holidays, after all. People travel miles and hours and endure crazy airports to spend Thanksgiving with their families and/or friends.  It even usually gets a bonus-day-off with the Friday following, but respect, not so much.

Sure, I realize turkeys and gourds aren't as glittery and fancy as tinsel and lights, but especially here in our winter-gets-cold-and-snow locale, Santa just looks wrong sitting out amongst the mums and fallen leaves. Many homes still sport their barely-a-week-old jack-o-lanterns, while next door their neighbor's house is all red bows and wreaths?

I give a pass, though, to putting up one's holiday lights in November.  Putting them up is fine; lighting them is not.  Numb fingers, slippery boots on slippery ladder rungs (PSA: "Not a step" means "Don't step there, doofus, unless you might like a broken wrist!"), and nice, cold, hard, frozen ground to land on = not much fun, so anytime now Mr. Kluges is allowed to attach ours to the gutters.

But please, if you're thinking about setting out your light-up, animated reindeer or your giant-inflatable Santa-in-a-snowglobe, remember that here in the States, Thanksgiving is coming up first!  I beg you, don't let Thanksgiving be the Rodney Dangerfield of holidays.

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