Sunday, November 27, 2011

NaBloPoMo #27 - Not Quite Right

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Long day driving home. Kids were good excellent for most of the trip. You know it's a good start to your 6 hour drive when the 4 year old falls asleep within the first 15 minutes.  Pumpkin was more than happy to just quietly read.  A little reading & some holiday card writing for me & life was good.

It's good the girls were not in need of much parental redirection, because I have no voice.  I can muster a brief, hoarse, barely-hearable, achy whisper, but mostly had to rely on facial expression, pointing & pantomime.  Mr. Kluges vacillates between enjoying being able to monopolize the conversation if he so desires and wishing I could do more voice-on parenting.  :)

I'm thinking I won't be doing my usual Sunday night run, as very much exertion leads to painful coughing. I got Tangled from the library, so I think curling up with that and a mug of magic medicine is just what the doctor ordered. 

But before I go, I want to share my favorite car trip moment from today.  We were talking about the Christmas story, and when Mr. Kluges mentioned the wise men, Pumpkin interrupted him. 

"Oh, I know about them.  They brought Frankenstein, mirth, and gold!"

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