Friday, November 18, 2011

NaBloPoMo #18 - Salted Caramel, in case you were wondering

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Pumpkin has a half-hour acrobatics class on Thursdays. Now, if Mr. Kluges is on-time getting home, Penguin can stay home with him; if not, I get to entertain her while we wait for Pumpkin to get done.

It's fine, but since I already get to spend all afternoon with Penguin, sometimes it's nice to leave her home with Daddy (especially if it's been a LONG afternoon).  I figure she and Mr. Kluges get some one-on-one time & so do Pumpkin and I.

This Thursday, Mr. Kluges and Penguin ran out to get some milk from the local fancy dairy for making ice cream!  Then they got started.  First, Mr. Kluges started setting everything out so that, as he told Penguin, he could make sure he had everything he needed. 

Whole milk? Check.
Sugar? Check.
Salt? Check.
Heavy cream? Check.
Vanilla? ....

Penguin interrupts him.  "It's not heavy, Daddy."
"What?  What's not heavy?"
"The cream.  See, I can lift it easiwy."

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