Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaBloPoMo #15 - Nothin'

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Seriously, guys, I got nothing today. But since it's NaBlo, well, I guess I'll just start typing.

Started the day with the usual up, shower, prep lunches, wake girls (Penguin slept in since she'd been up from 4-5 with potty & couldn't fall back asleep), get everybody fed & dressed & hair done & out the door on time. Got Pumpkin to school, but since conferences Penguin had the day off.

Ran across town to local kids' consignment store, which is always a laugh 'cuz they never buy much & I find more to get than they want to get from me. They didn't have snowpants in Penguin's size (only winter gear we NEED - have boots & coats & Pumpkin's snowpants from last year & still fit OR from hand-me-downs from neighbors!) but I did find 3 pairs of leggings in colors we needed.

Spent the rest of the morning & early afternoon running around the mall side of town & managed to find snow pants & actually get some Xmas shopping done! I'm not usually much of an early shopper, unless I find JUST the right thing by accident, but things I get for MN family before Thanksgiving I can wrap, bring along, & leave there so I don't have to ship them in December. Penguin was great - it was nice to do something with her out of our usual routine.

2pm early release today with conferences, had play date at our house (aka one of Pumpkin's friends needed child care until 4 kind of last minute), other kid picked up a bit after 4, I made supper, we ate, Mr. Kluges took care of bath early while I cleaned up 'cuz at 6:15 we had 3 extra kids to watch while their parents had conferences. (They'd taken our two yesterday for our conferences.)  Busy busy, play play, have them change to pjs & we all did stories. Dad picked them back up just after 8.

Quick get the kids to bed, I ran then enjoyed JUST SITTING while watching the rest of "Body of Proof."  Now it's time to throw in tonight's laundry & do the rest of my Before Bed Routine.  Good night!

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