Tuesday, November 17, 2009

...and the rest of the questions stolen from Mugsy

(c) 2009 Ms. Huis Herself at musenmutter.blogspot.com

Thanks again to my favorite Star-Trek-rock-climbing, cute-boot-wearing, clapping-man-traffic-spotting fellow NaBloPoMo'er! Here's part 2 of the strange questions.

26. What color is your watch? I just bought one recently that's like clear plastic. Not that I wear it since I usually just check my phone.

27. What do you think of when you hear “Australia?” "Australia, Australia, Australia, Australia! We love you, amen!" I blame my husband for that.

28. Would you strip for money? No. Well, maybe I'd swallow my pride if we were talking 6 figures or over. Not that anybody's offered. :)

29. Do you go in a fast food place or just hit the drive thru? We eat fast food rarely, and it's usually when we're trying to make time while traveling, so we go in to use the bathrooms, but get the food to go.

30. What is your favorite number? I'm partial to 6, but not strongly.

31. Who’s the last person you talked to on the phone? The guy at the photo place who called about the estimate for repairs on the camera.

32. Any plans today? Well, since it's already 9:30 pm, to finish this, and do my Flylady Before Bed Routine.

33. In how many states have you lived? Just two, but three countries.

34. Biggest annoyance right now? The age of two. Many, many things about the age of two years old.

35. Last song listened to? Some Norah Jones one in the car.

36. Can you say the alphabet backwards? Sort of, but I have to sing it and/or think really hard. Thanks, They Might Be Giants.

37. Do you have a maid service clean your house? Nope.

38. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? It varies, but I'm fond of my tan suede Simple Shoes sneakers, which I got on sale this summer. Something like these.

39. Are you jealous of anyone? Yes, various people for various reasons.

40. Is anyone jealous of you? I'd like to think that at least one somebody thinks my life is pretty good besides me. Not perfect, but pretty darn good, all in all.

41. Do you love anyone? Definitely.

42. Do any of your friends have children? Quite a few of them do.

43. What do you usually do during the day? Care for children; cook; clean; run errands; wear pearls while cooking dinner; bring my husband his slippers, pipe, & scotch when he gets home... Ok, mostly the first four.

44. Do you hate anyone that you know right now? No.

45. Do you use the word hello daily? Definitely.

46. What color is your car? Tan.

47. What size wedding ring do you wear? I think 7. It's not something I find myself shopping for often.

48. Are you thinking about someone right now? No, I'm thinking about answering these questions.

49. Have you ever been to Six Flags? No, I don't think so.

50. How did you get your worst scar? I accidentally stuck a pitchfork into the top of my left foot (but not through) while wearing sandals long, long ago, and I still have a small round scar, and probably will until I die.

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