Friday, November 20, 2009

My afternoon could've been better, not wetter.

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Yesterday was a bit of a crap day, with some lovely flooding of the living room and sun porch due to holes in the sun porch radiators. Which we knew about, because we'd accidentally frozen the pipes in them our first winter in the house, when we'd closed off that room, but assumed (wrongly!) that it would stay warm enough since there's just a French door separating it from the rest of the house. Yeah, with no foundation under that room, it got cold. So, frozen pipes in the baseboard radiators. Fortunately that's mostly a separate system from the rest of the house, so it wasn't a big deal to leave it off, drained out, and unfixed, until it made it to the top of the house-fixing-budget priority list.

But, imagine that, the heating guy who came out yesterday to check the system before winter didn't know that.

And some homeowners (*coughuscough*) hadn't thought to label the shut-off valves for those sun porch radiators with anything, let alone, "DO NOT OPEN!"

And, of course, in the process of checking everything, he turned those valves.

And when I walked downstairs with Penguin to get her a potty treat at the beginning of quiet/nap time, I thought, "How is there a puddle in the living room? There's no pipe or sink over there by the TV. And the kids aren't allowed water/drinks/food in there. Oh, wait, that's a BIG puddle! Oh, DA*N, the sun porch is flooded! ARGH! IT'S THE RADIATORS! WHERE'S THE SHUT-OFF VALVE!!!"

Quick call to the source-of-all-knowledge-of-our-house, aka my husband, some pipe following down in the basement, some "ARGH! Now it's SPRAYING out! Different valve!", and eventually the system was reisolated and off.

And the wrapped presents, unwrapped presents, wrapping stuff, rug, 2 boxes of books to get rid of, one of the two rocking chairs, giant candle stand, and a few more miscellaneous stuff were moved out of the sun porch, I spent about an hour mopping the corner of the living room and the flooded sun porch. (While quiet time was replaced by some video watching time.)

Which was rather icky since the water in the sun porch was mostly black thanks to the coal dust that had been embedded in the grout between the tiles and under the baseboards. But hey, it's clean(er) now!

And my hubby volunteered to cook the supper last night, which was a new recipe I'd picked out (Fettuccine with Garlic Scallops), and it was yummy! I'll try to post it over to Recipeeps soon.

I think Kashka_z was right when she twittered that I was maybe on some alternate version of the calendar where yesterday was actually my Friday the 13th. Especially considering that while I mopped, not 10 feet away from me Penguin swallowed a coin, probably a penny.

So, Happy Friday to you all and Happy New Day to me! :)


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Mugsy said...

I'm so glad you survived. With grace and charm, I'm sure.