Monday, November 16, 2009

Reason #432 I wish I had my camera back

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In Pumpkin's Sunday School class, they often do crafts. Makes total sense - lets them connect with whatever Bible story or concept they're talking about, fun, it's a fairly long time they've got them, etc.

Yesterday after the service we got her from class and I was completely puzzled by her craft.

No. I take that back. Actually, I was completely puzzled and taken aback by the fact that she'd apparently made the Flying Spaghetti Monster in Sunday School.

Yup, round plate, covered with glued-on off-white yarn in squiggly sorts of shapes, hole cut out for the mouth, 2 googly eyes. All it was missing was the meatballs.

My daughter, the Pastafarian?

Upon further questioning, turns out they'd actually talked about Daniel in the lions' den. She hadn't used any of the yellow or orange yarn in the mane of her lion, choosing only the lightest yellow.

I just so very much wish I had my camera back (got estimate today, called back and approved, maybe 7-10 days?), because, oh, I so want to share it, FSM or lion or whatever it is!

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