Saturday, November 07, 2009

The plague has arrived.

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Poor Pumpkin is sick. Yesterday when I picked her up from school she sounded a little funny, and by 3:00 that day had mostly lost her voice and had a temp of 101F.

So we've hunkered down, pushing as many liquids as we can get her to drink, dosing her occasionally with children's tylenol when the fever makes her too uncomfortable, letting her rest as much as possible, and allowing unlimited eating of ice cubes. Poor thing. She's stopped talking, except when she absolutely has to, because it hurts to talk & she's got no voice to hear anyway. As Mr. Kluges had mentioned to me a few times today, it's a good thing she can read. We put her down for quiet time and she curled right up with Little House in the Big Woods and was content for more than an hour. We got her dressed and outside for a while, too, for a change of scenery and to get some fresh air, and she was really glad to be out - didn't want to come back in for a long time, even though all she was doing mostly was sitting on a chair on the porch with a blanket. Poor baby.

We've got a call in to Gramma Pet the Nurse, but she might be working tonight. We'll keep up with the fluids and rest and tylenol as needed, but if she stays sick past the weekend, we'll think about bringing her in to the doctor, or at least giving them a call to see what they advise. Poor thing. It's no fun when your kids are sick and you can't just make them better.


Happy Veggie said...

If they're like our doc, they won't test for the hamthrax, but it sounds familiar.

The most common issues they are seeing are ear infections and lung issues. Good luck. Good news is that the fever part didn't last too long.

pippasmum said...

I hate it when Pk is sick - it is so frustrating when you can't make things better. It sounds like you are doing lots to make her comfortable though. I hope it passes quickly!

DiploWhat said...

The plague is going around the embassy too. Odd thing is the Chinese are only getting fevers and the US folks are getting fever plus cold crap. I never got the fever, but still have fluid in ears. Seems to be a permanent "because I live in Beijing" thing. Plagues are not fun. Hope you dodge it.