Thursday, November 05, 2009

It's like Wild Kingdom around here

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Today we've seen, while going about our normal business...
  • 3 deer, while on our way to school
  • 1 hawk, sitting on a sign at the stoplights
  • 2 hawks, sitting in the oak tree in our backyard - 1 of which I can still see looking out the office window as I type this (I wish I had my camera back!)
  • a woodpecker
  • a blue jay
  • several other normal brown-ish birds, like a mourning dove, maybe some sparrows
  • quite a few squirrels, including two who were running around in the road in front of our house and I could have easily squashed with my car
  • a few chipmunks, or at least, in some cases, their tails sticking up above the leaves
  • several skeins of geese
Oh, and the neighborhood black cat, Zipper.

1 comment:

Pusher said...

Skeins? Really? Neat.

p.s. My security word was Gedney, and now I have the Minnesota pickle song in my head. D'oh.