Sunday, November 08, 2009


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A brief and incomplete list of things for which I felt thankful today:
  • The beautiful weather
  • A husband who is home and actively co-parents, as well as improves our house
  • That we take turns getting to sleep in on the weekends. He gets Saturday; I get Sunday. Not that I got to today thanks to sick and/or grumpy and/or overtired children, but I did crawl back into bed for an extra half hour after things were settled down.
  • That Pumpkin can read and enjoys reading. It's really helped keep her entertained while she's sick & has no voice.
  • The great book sale Mr. Kluges's work hosts twice a year to get rid of damaged books, samples, excess stock, etc. There's really cool stuff there, and at $2 an item, it helps stretch the Christmas dollars... plus lets us pick up a few gems for ourselves.
  • Flylady, for the (in general) decent condition and tidiness of the house, and helping me develop routines that make it easier to keep it so, even with a sick child.
  • Also for Flylady, for planting the idea of starting some holiday stuff now with her "Cruising through the Holidays" ideas. I'm not talking about decorating or anything like that (I firmly believe in Thanksgiving first!), but I'm actually wrapping some of the gifts I've already picked up for Christmas now, to help avoid having to do a marathon wrapping session the night before I need the gifts. Plus, I'm writing down what I'm wrapping so that I know what and how many things we've gotten for each person as we get closer to the holidays.
...and finally, for my children, for actually both napping at the same time for the first time in I don't know how long. Bless you, my sweets, I hope you find your naps restorative & happy-making. I know I'm finding them to be so! :)

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