Sunday, November 01, 2009

an excerpt from my Recipeeps post

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Ok, just to make it easy to see that I DID post every day for a month, here's an excerpt from my November 1st post over at Recipeeps... I'm back-dating it so it shows up as a November 1st post here at Musings & Mutterings as well, even though I copied it over to here on the 30th, I still actually wrote & posted it over there on the 1st of November.

Happy November, everyone. Or, as we call it around here, try-not-to-eat-all-the-leftover-Halloween-candy month.

November's theme is, probably not surprisingly, turkey! We're talking anything turkey around here - from raw, using leftovers, or heck, even turkey-shaped things! Who knows, somebody around here (not me, thankfully) might even be hosting a Thanksgiving get-together, or just taking home a few pounds of leftover turkey from the in-laws.

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