Monday, November 09, 2009

Monster Madness game

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Back in October, I was fortunate enough to win this fun Monster Madness Game from Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals. (Also, I highly recommend you follow them as the odds can be really great in their contests! *wink*)

We received it only a couple of days after I emailed Mary Beth our address & the girls were very excited to see it. It's so fun! Penguin at 2 1/2 doesn't get it at all, but Pumpkin can play very well and could even teach a peer to play.

Basically, you fill in a what's basically a small checkerboard with a bunch of one-of-a-kind monsters, spin a spinner to find out what color monster you need to get and how many spaces you must move to get it, and do so, refilling empty spaces as long as possible. Winner is the one who ends up with the most. Some good pix are here at BoardGameGeek.

I like that you can move in any direction, including diagonally. It's great for problem-solving and for planning on the various directions you can move to get your monster. Good fun and we've played it a bunch.

Apart from the game itself, which is fun, these monsters are GREAT for sorting. None are exactly alike, but there are 8 colors, and like 15 different basic face shapes, but you don't necessarily have one of each color for each face shape. Plus some have sharp teeth, some don't, some smile, some have horns, most have 2 eyes, but some have 1 or 3... So we've done a fair amount of sorting by different characteristics, comparing the results, predicting which will have more, and I even had/helped Pumpkin and a couple of her classmates that I watch use pictures and some letters to record their sortings.

So if you've got a kid who likes monsters, or even one who doesn't, maybe ages 4-8, I'd certainly recommend this as a great holiday gift. Throw in a stuffed monster or monster book (Where the Wild Things Are, maybe?) and you'll be the coolest gift giver!

***As mentioned previously, I received this game for free from Fragile Earth Stuffed Animals, but they never asked me to blog about it; it's just so dang cool I wanted to let you all know about it! Plus, you know, November is a long month sometimes when you're trying to post every day.***

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Mary Beth said...

You can post about our stuff whenever you like! Thank you so much for this post and we're glad you and the girls are enjoying the game. Keep coming back - as you said, the odds are in your favor and it's so nice to have people come to the site.