Monday, November 23, 2009

Plus, oh yeah, mind the kids

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Leaving tomorrow late afternoon/most likely evening for MN to see lots of relatives & eat lots of delicious and fattening food. Hooray! That means I've got a bit of a to-do list today, so that tomorrow I just have to worry about finishing up packing the suitcases with toiletries & things we need until the last minute, taking Penguin to her half-hour Tot Time class, buying a few last minutes things, gassing up the car, maybe stopping by big library for book/CD sets, & loading up the car.

So, that means today is:
  • finish up laundry, fold, put away
  • make trail mix and pack car snacks - done
  • pack car toys/books
  • choose/pack DVDs & CDs
  • charge car DVD player & make sure have all cords
  • wrap any MN Xmas presents we already have that haven't already been wrapped, load into box(es) labeled with which side of the family to which they'll be going
  • continue eating up leftovers
  • buy WI beer to bring along (already got cheese & wine) - done
  • do as much of my weekly home blessing as I can fit in
  • do NaBloPoMo post - done!
So off to work on some other parts of my list. Cheerio!


Allknowingjen said...

Do you know the very very busy song from Philadelphia Chickens? It's running through my head now in your honor.

KM said...

I would like to ensure that #8 on the list gets a higher priority :)