Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Management might be a good career choice...

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Scene: tonight, at the supper table

Pumpkin: I'm cold!

Me: Well, that's because you took your sweater off. Did you bring it downstairs like I told you to?

P: Um, yes. It's around here someplace.

M: (pretty sure I saw it earlier) Why don't you go look for it in the living room then?

P:(going just to the edge of the room) But it's dark! And I don't like it!

M: Hon, you can just go around the corner and turn the light on.

P: (whining) But I don't like it!

M: You've got two choices, hon. Either go in just -this- far and turn on the light or be cold.

P: (turning to her 2 year old sister) [Penguin], would you go in and turn on the light for me?

Penguin: Sure! (gets down from her chair, goes to LR, climbs 2 steps up, turns on light switch on stairway that's all of -this- far from the DR)

Mr. Kluges: (laughing) Or get somebody else to!

M: Or bamboozle somebody!


Allknowingjen said...

hahaha! Genius!

Jaysan said...

She understands the golden rule, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

heh... she has a minion...

Kashka said...

There's a similar story from when I was around that age: My sister, sick on the couch, sent me into the bathroom for a tissue. When I reported back that I couldn't reach the box on the counter, she went in, put the box on the floor, came back, and then sent me in for a tissue.