Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ARGH! Nap, child, nap! aka "Smiles on the soles of her feet"

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Our girl is currently going through an "I don't want to fall asleep or nap" phase. I HATE IT TO HIGH HOLY HELL!

I know sleep begets sleep. I know that when she's overtired she's not going to want to fall asleep because she's overtired. I know to watch for her drowsy signs. I know a little crying is not the end of the world, even though it can be DANG hard for me to listen to. I know part of the problem is that she needs to relearn how to fall asleep on her own 'cuz once she's asleep it's fine, but she's exhausted and won't give up and close her eyes.


I also know that when she's overtired and grumpy and not wanting to nap, it makes me all grumpy and stressed and overtired, too.

Oh yeah, she's currently upstairs, banging on her door, saying "Momma! Come up here! Momma!" Not the most conducive atmosphere for any sort of writing, but THE GIRL NEEDS TO NAP!


Ok, I was going to write about this in a less vent-y way, but I guess that's not happening today. I WAS going to talk about Sunday, when this streak seemed to start. She struggled with falling asleep for her afternoon nap for forever, and managed to convince Mr. Kluges and I to come in several times to change her diaper, give her a snack, put her back in her crib, whatever. Finally it quieted down and we thought we were in the clear.

20-30 minutes later she called down, "Daddy! Stickers on my tummy!"

Turns out she'd found the reward stickers for sitting on the potty (smiley faces) and actually going on the potty (Winnie the Pooh and friends).

And apparently, smiley face stickers are better than socks. The foot underneath has even more.


kittenpie said...

I am so working on this post myself right now! WTF is up with that?! We go through these periods now and then, and they make me nuts. That and the middle of the night wakings are just killing me.

Mary P. said...

Smiley stickers on the soles, and the tiredest eyes I've ever seen! WHY do they do that to themselves? Perverse little critters, aren't they? Hang in there - I know you'll see it through!