Monday, November 13, 2006

Do enough random thoughts count as an entry?

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Survey says.... yes!

Mr. Kluges's sourdough bread turned out very well, except that he could have slashed the top deeper (it ended up splitting) and it needed to bake a while longer because it tastes a little underdone. Otherwise, very yummy! He's started a sponge again tonight from the starter (and tied up BOTH of my mixing bowls) so that he can mix up another loaf tomorrow and one of us can bake it the next day. This is a multi-day process, you know, and one that involves planning ahead.

I bought a Xmas tree today. We wanted a small one 'cuz I don't know where we'd put a big one, plus have I mentioned the absolutely no storage in Irish houses? I got a 80cm, 10 euro one (bargain shopper me!) that has fiber optic lights. Woo-hoo! It's a far cry from the fairly realistic (and lightless) 6 footer in storage in our basement in MN, but Pumpkin thinks it's awesome. Mr. Kluges says we should put it away until after Thanksgiving, but I put it up tonight so I can try to get Xmas card photos taken of Pumpkin today or tomorrow.

Our Pumpkin has developed quite the imagination. This week she pretended she was milk. And we didn't mishear her when she said, "I'm milk!" because then she told us to take her lid off. *shrug* I didn't know dairy products were so fun to impersonate.

And I'll leave you with this...

Before I had a child...
I never thought I would say, at the dinner table, "Nothing eats dog poop."

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Kashka said...

I never thought that I would have to excuse myself on a business call to say, "Where in the world are your pants?" and then find out that I didn't have my hand quite completely over the receiver....