Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Few are the children...

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This trick may not work on any other child.

So here I was standing in the kitchen, starting supper prep. I had been starving, so had just put away the bag of "Steak Fajita and Onion" chips from the previous post, after sharing a couple with Pumpkin.

She comes running back into the kitchen.

P: 'Nother one!
M: Sorry, honey, they're all gone.
P: 'Nother one!
M: They're all gone, but you can have one of these mushrooms if you'd like.
P: Mushroom!

Which she happily took in her little hand and ran out of the room. Few are the children who will accept a plain raw mushroom in place of a tortilla chip!!

P.S. And as I typed this, she came running back in (not that I usually let her wander with food, mind you), saying, "'Nother one mushroom!" That's my girl! :)


emma said...

Wow, your Pumpkin is certainly an unusual girl, eating raw mushrooms. My two might just about eat a mushroom, if it was deep fried in batter and smothered in ketchup!

Mary P. said...

Yup. I have to say she's one of a rare breed. Though my kids have eaten mushrooms for years now, they certainly weren't doing it at Pumpkin's age! In fact, I'd say it ranks right up there with onions as one of the two most-likely-to-be-refused-by-toddler foods. Almost universal.