Friday, November 17, 2006

Yeah! I'm tops!

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Some of you who know Big Daddy might remember when he blogged about how he was the top link for a certain search term... well, he's found a couple more.

I bring this up because, looking at how people got to my site, I found out that if you search I come up as the top result for the term...

Tee hee! Yay, me?

P.S. Ok, and to make it weirder? I'm the only one that comes up on a search for how many seeds in a pumpkin/helping people. Not sure what exactly they were looking for, but they found me anyway.

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nonicktodd said...

You've been bumped down to third for "roast ox flavor" (still not bad). Number one is now The Sceptical Chymist, who also just discovered the Roast Ox flavored crisps (in London). He noticed that they are somehow vegetarian friendly...