Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Two more chip flavors

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Ok, sorry I haven't posted for a bit. Been trying to catch up on laundry, etc. The Xmas cards arrived today, so now I'll be busy writing those for a while.

BUT, just to tide you over, here are a couple of other potato chip flavors. I haven't found anything as strange as Roast Ox Flavor, but here's a couple I don't know if you can find back in North America...

Sizzling Steak and Onion Fajita


Tiger Prawn and Crushed Garlic Flavour

Sorry this isn't more entertaining or informative, but somebody needs a diaper change, so see ya later!


Allknowingjen said...

Well the fajita one sounds tasty at least!

Kashka said...

I'm drawn to, and yet simultaneously repulsed by the Tiger Prawns.

mendax said...

Beware the seafood-flavored snack products! Paulcat introduced me to shrimp-flavored chips from World Market and ew. Maybe they're better with garlic though. So many things are.

Ms. Huis Herself said...

I tried the tiger prawn ones today. They're not too fishy (which I'd HATE), but just a little bit and a little ... powdery garlicy? Odd, not too strong, but not ones I"d get again.

And actually, neither are the fajita ones. They sounded good, but they're not quite like Doritos, but they taste a little beef bouillon-y with a sweet aftertaste that I just can't get into.

So, neither one is a real big goal-breaker for me, which is good, but disappointing, too.

But the McCoy's Hickory Smoked Ribs flavored chips, which I've gotten before? Yummy! And yes, Mendax, SO many things are better with garlic! I think that's one of Mr. Kluges's cardinal rules of cooking.

Mary P. said...

I read somewhere that Canada eats more chips per capita than any other country, and I know we have flavours they don't have in the states, but those are two I've never seen. I'm not big on seafood - though I've eaten the odd prawn in my time! - but the fajita ones? Yum...