Thursday, November 16, 2006

The good news... no need for Photo Shoot #2

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Well, I'm happy to say that Mr. Kluges and I found a photo out of the 100-some photo shoot with which we're both pleased. I looked through them all yesterday and just pulled up the 9 or 10 best for him to see, but it was a pretty easy choice. Not going to post it here, since many of you will be getting it in the mail... someday...

'Cuz even though I've got it all ready on the photo card website*, I'm waiting on Mr. Kluges to do a final check on a different gift so I can order them at the same time.

Then it's still the 21 days to get the order... and then the week or 10 days (or more) to write them all up...then the time for the US ones to get across the ocean...then however long for the poor, overburdened postal workers to get them to your doors.

(There, do you think that's enough of an excuse if my cards come late? *grin*)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know the good news that I DO NOT have to try for another photo shoot with the two year old, even though I know you all enjoyed hearing about my first one!

* I used them last year to make Mr. Kluges' annual calendar when I found out that there is NO PLACE in Cork (the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland, people) that does photo calendars. Not the kind with a different photo for each month. Sure, they'll do mousemats (aka mousepads), coffee cups, and even whole-year-calendars-on-one-page-with-one-picture, but not a turn-the-page-for-the-next-month photo calendar.

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Allknowingjen said...

21 days? That seems excessively long!
Your pumpkin is worth the wait though. :)